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Tidy Up Your Office Mugs

Believe or not, washing coffee mugs is one of the big jobs in an office cleaner’s working routine. It is not unusual that coffee mugs were filled up the kitchenette’s sink and no space for office cleaners to wash them. And if you don’t wash your coffee mugs immediately after drinking it, it would be very hard to clean it. So for office management purpose, coffee mugs should be dedicated to individual. Everyone should be responsible to his/her own coffee mug.

What kind of coffee mugs suitable for office? It should be easy to store, easy to clean. It is also a good idea to let your staff to bring their own coffee mugs to office. Tidyhome recommends the Aussie designed, Aussie made KeepCup. It is a very smart and beautiful design and made by microwave safe PP plastic. It means you could warm up your home-brew coffee in your office and even make some instant soups. I brought a keepCup and carry it wherever I go. If your employees have such lovely coffee mugs, I think they would carry it around as I do.