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Are you killing our mother earth just for your own convenience?

Environment issue is hot these days and every one is willing to protect the earth planet which is our only home. However modern lifestyle is not very environment friendly. We live in modern lifestyle because it is convenience for all of us. But convenience comes to a price, and the price is pollution of environment. Do you like a takeaway coffee every morning? Are you using the one time paper cup from coffee shop? Paper cups are convenience for you but they are made from paper and plastic. How many trees died just for your takeaway coffee? How many landfill space needed for your daily coffee cup? Paper cups are not easy to be recycled as they are not just paper. In fact, paper cups are reusable for a few more times, but no, you just use one time a cup, and maybe up to three paper cups a day!
The only solution for not polluting the earth and enjoying your daily takeaway coffee as usual is that you bring your own travel coffee mug. The problem with normal travel coffee mug is that they are not standardised and coffee shop may refuse to fill up your travel mug. For that reason, when you buy a travel coffee mug, you have to check if the mug was barista