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How to Clean a Rangehood Filter?

My first thought of the title was How to Clean a Rangehood. However it seems only know how to clean rangehood filters is good enough. Rangehood filters are the most difficult part to clean in a rangehood. If you know how to clean rangehood filters, cleaning other parts of a rangehood is just a small piece of cake.

First tip of every kind of cleaning is

Rangehood Cleaning Products in Bunnings of Perth

Home Cleaning Perth: How to Clean a Rangehood Filter?

Rangehood filter might be the most dirty part of a kitchen. We normally wipe stove top after cooking. But may not clean rangehood for very long time. By the time (too dirty you can’t bear it, end of lease etc) we were forced to clean it, oil and grease on the filter or fan is too thick and hard and you might think it is impossible to get rip of it! Is there any easy way to make your rangehood looked like new again? Here are some tips to do it:

First, you can try oven cleaners. Rangehood filters are made of layers of steel net. They are similar to structures in ovens. By using oven cleaners, most oil and grease would be removed right away. It maybe more effective if you clean your rangehood filters together with your oven. Just put your rangehood into your oven and apply oven cleaner in oven. A few minutes later, both your oven and rangehood filters are ready to clean.

Second, use rangehood filter cleaners that actually work! We use a rangehood filter cleaner by Hammersley Australia for our house cleaning business. The product deals with rangehood greases magically and itis available in Bunnings around Australia. You can visit their website here if you are from overseas but this product is not available in their online store. I guess they branded this product another name and you may ask them for further information.

Third, sink rangehood filters within very hot sudsy water with some vinegar, repeatedly brush the filter.

Pros: Very economic and non-toxic, use what you already have in your kitchen.

Cons: Time consuming and may not clean thoroughly if your rangehood filter was really greasy, obviously not suitable for hired domestic cleaners.

If you clean your rangehood filter yourself frequently, this method is ok for you.


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