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A complete cleaning solution for Home and Offices


Abee Cleaning

Clean homes and offices are everybody\’s requirement for a healthy and productive environment. However, a necessary as it may be, it also involves cleaning and maintaining of certain areas and spaces of the home and commercial properties which are complicated and require professional help. Abee Cleaning Ltd. is a company which provides a complete cleaning solution for home and offices and other commercial premises.

The company originally formed itself as a carpet cleaning agency but with time and experience t has now become a full-fledged company which not only continues to provide carpet cleaning services to domestic and commercial properties but also excel in other cleaning services like floor cleaning, garden and outdoor cleaning, Kitchen steam cleaning, Waste removal, Pressure washing, Window cleaning, driveway cleaning and other general cleaning services.

Most houses and offices these days prefer carpet flooring which requires them to stay clean and hygienic. However, unavoidable circumstances like dirt, spots and stains may arise any time. The well-trained professional at Abee cleaning Ltd. ensures that the carpets are not just clean but absolutely stain free. In fact, spot and stain removal service is complimentary with every carpet cleaning service that they provide. The company also provides floor cleaning for all types of floors such as hardwood floors, stone floors, marble floors and others. They also provide steam and wet cleaning for upholstery and curtains depending upon the fabric as wet cleaning are not suitable for all fabric types.

The complete cleaning solution provided by the company also consists of cleaning of difficult surfaces and areas like stone and clay pavers, driveways and patios. The highly qualified staffs excel in pressure cleaning and steam cleaning all such different types of outdoor surfaces. They also provide oil stain removal and cleaning for concrete and block paving, roof cleaning and window pressure wash and high level window cleaning window services.

Amongst the wide range of services provided by the company to commercial premises, some are cleaning and washing newly constructed sites, schools, day care centres, care homes, retail shopping stores and malls, hotels and medical facilities. The staffs at the company understand and believe that a clean and hygienic environment is a pre-requisite to an efficient and productive lifestyle.

The prices offered by the company are highly affordable. There are various packages offered by them for the customers to choose from. All one needs to do is to book an appointment, rest will be handled by the skilled and courteous team.

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The writer is a specialist in the field of best cleaning services with focus on Waste Removal Leicester and Commercial Cleaning Leicester.

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