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About Us

 Simply The Best Domestic and Office Cleaning Team, Trusted by Households and Household Names in Perth

Please call 042 586 6615 for a free quote

Office cleaning Perth

Being a cleaning leader in a prominent 5 star hotel in Perth for years, founder decided to bring Tidyhomes to Perth families and with international 5 star hotel standard.

Your hours in life is priceless! Calling TIDYHOME Cleaning for a free quote, you would have more priceless time in your life to pursue your career, for your relationship, with your children… As double working couples growing, Perth families need helpers for their domestic cleaning and as professionals themselves, they also want their lovely homes to be cleaned professionally.

TIDYHOME Cleaning takes care of your home cleaning and could do all housework for you. You could call us for regular one or two times a week for your housekeeping. We could also free your mind to do your moving out ormoving incleaning! You would also have a house looked like new with our spring cleaning!

You are working hard for your successful business and for Calling TIDYHOME Cleaning for your regular office cleaning, your clients would astonished by your tidy and clean office and your staff are also working happier and more effective. Moreover, our corporate pack will save you a lot and give you and your employee healthier home and office!

Office cleaning service of TIDYHOME is a recent and somewhat accidental launch. Some of our domestic cleaning clients are executives or owners of household name corporations. They are astonished by our exuberant good service quality and asked us to clean their offices as well. The logic is quite simple: while you have a 5 star home, your are not satisfied if your office were not meeting the same standard. That is the reason why our office cleaning sector grew rapidly shortly after our domestic cleaning service was just a start up.

Our corporate clients include some of the household names in Perth. They are trusted by families and businesses because they provide excellent products and services. And they became our clients as TIDYHOME provides the same excellent standard of domestic and office cleaning services.

We are serving Perth Metropolitan, Western Australia.